Coherent Mind Tip of the Wellness Triangle

One often-asked question when we present is what EXACTLY does the Coherent Mind Tip mean?  (The Wellness Triangle is from Dr. Dan Siegel’s triangle of well-being and represents Optimal Mental Health in Heidi’s book, Caregiver Stress: Neurobiology to… Read More

Relational Neuroscience and Love

OUR FOCUS: Relational Neuroscience and Love Across the Lifespan First you might ask, “What the HECK is relational neuroscience?” Dr. Helman refers to it as “rocket science” encouraging that learning it “is not rocket science!”  Rocket science has… Read More

Heidi and Dr. Josh

Heidi and Dr. Helman combine the best of two worlds: she is a seasoned social worker and psychotherapist, he has decades of experience in emergency medicine and finance.  They have additional training in anti-aging medicine, nutrition, and mindfulness…. Read More

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