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  • GlycanAge please contact our office if you are interested in ordering and requesting a consult with Dr. Josh to review your results in detail.

GlycanAge is the most accurate test of biological age and wellness available and the first one with proven responsiveness to interventions, paired with follow-on health programs. The glycan (glycome) testing solution is based on decades of research, over a hundred peer-reviewed scientific papers and tested on 100,000 people (scientific trials & commercial). You can use GlycanAge to measure & optimize the success and effectiveness of your diet, training, and supplements intervention.

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Dr. Josh tests for toxins using a simple at home urine sample collection test kits. The test looks at various environmental toxins you may not know you have been exposed to including plastics or petrochemicals, glyphosate and other pesticides, etc.

Below is a website you can review and purchase the toxin test kits he recommends.

Please use Coupon Code DRJOSH for 10% Off

Descriptions for two popular tests are listed below.

PFAS test: The PFAS Chemical Test monitors exposure to perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl chemicals, commonly called ‘PFAS.’ PFAS are used to make fluoropolymer coatings and products that resist heat, oil, stains, grease, and water. PFAS are found in the air, soil, and water, and in everyday consumer goods.

Environmental Toxins: Environmental toxins, technically called toxicants, are substances produced endogenously from the human body and which, when absorbed, inhaled, or ingested, can cause acute or chronic toxic overload, which may manifest in a variety of biological organ, tissue, and cellular-level systems. Environmental toxins are cancer-causing chemicals and endocrine disruptors, both human-made and naturally occurring.

Dr. Josh understands the importance of detecting cancer as early as possible to improve treatment outcomes which is why he recommends the GRAIL Galleri® test.

The Galleri® multi-cancer early detection test detects a cancer signal across more than 50 types of cancer, many of which are not commonly screened for today. With a simple blood draw, the Galleri test provides early detection insights that help you be proactive about your health. The Galleri test looks for a signal present in the blood that could indicate the presence of cancer. If a cancer signal is detected, the results can point to where in the body the cancer signal is coming from. This can help guide your next steps and actionable results.

Please note, the Galleri test does not detect all cancers and not all cancers can be detected in the blood. It also does not measure your genetic risk of developing cancer in the future.

SNiP can assist with personalized biohacking, their products are designed to support individual genetic vulnerabilities impacting overall health and health-span. SNiP custom create supplements based on your body’s unique genetic code, making it easier for you to absorb and utilize essential nutrients.

Single nucleotide polymorphism, or SNP, is pronounced: “snip.” These are common, genetic variants that alter the functions of genes naturally. Hair, eye color, and skin color are all determined by certain SNPs. SNiP Reports cover a variety of key health topics. Each one contains simple, clear information on individual SNPs tested and the SNPs’ relevance for each health topic.

SNiP testing includes 11 DNA Reports: Healthy BMI, Healthy Heart, Cognitive/Brain Function, Detoxification, Energy, Gut/Microbiome, Healthy Immune Response, Healthy Inflammatory Response, MethylationMethylation, Mood, CODE Complex (customized nutritional supplement).

SNiP Reports contains simple, clear information on individual SNPs tested and the SNPs’ relevance for each health topic. Including lifestyle recommendations such as specific types of exercise, lab test recommendations for learning more about how your SNPs may be impacting your health and tracking your progress on your personalized supplement. Every SNiP DNA report also includes lifestyle bio hacks— simple tips and tricks for “hacking” your DNA and supporting your health-span, no matter your genetic profile. You are also provided a custom supplement: CODE Complex is a revolutionary, foundational nutritional supplement based on your DNA. It is custom compounded just for you and delivered to you on a recurring schedule of your choice. Based on your personal nutritional needs, as evidenced by the genetic analysis of your cheek swab, CODE Complex contains vitamins, minerals and micronutrients your body requires for optimal functioning.

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