Coherent Mind Tip of the Wellness Triangle

One often-asked question when we present is what EXACTLY does the Coherent Mind Tip mean?  (The Wellness Triangle is from Dr. Dan Siegel’s triangle of well-being and represents Optimal Mental Health in Heidi’s book, Caregiver Stress: Neurobiology to the Rescue.)

For us the term “mind” means the part of your awareness that is able to focus and hold attention.  It is the driver of the car, whereas your body (e.g. your brain, central nervous system, muscles and bones) is the car.  We rarely spend more than a few minutes defining “Coherent Mind” because our aim as educators is to help focus your attention around your thoughts not within them in an attempt to encourage ever-widening circles of brain integration.

Consider the following quote by David Hawkins:

“From thinking that we are not our minds, we begin to see that we have minds, and that it is the mind that has thoughts, beliefs, feelings and opinions. Eventually we may arrive at the insight that all our thoughts are merely borrowed from the great database of consciousness and were never really our own. Prevailing thought systems are received, absorbed, identified with, and, in due time, replaced by new ideas that have become fashionable with us. As we place less value on such passing notions, they lose their capacity to dominate us, and we experience progressive freedom of, as well as from, the mind. This in turn ripens into anew source of pleasure; fittingly, the pleasure of existence itself matures as one ascends the scale of consciousness.” —From “Power vs Force”

Cultivating the Coherent Mind Tip means we grow in our resiliency and brain integration by putting distance between our thoughts and feelings.  Sometimes this is seen as a spiritual practice such as in the above quote; as medical experts, we mainly focus on the science of mindfulness.  Whatever your lens, though, the Coherent Mind Tip is about freeing yourself from your thoughts in order to better control your reality…or to better drive your car.



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  1. How cool is that! Brain integration putting distance between our thoughts and feelings. And hopefully freeing our focused awareness from both -the thoughts that aren’t even ‘ours’ and the feelings that like aren’t ours either, so we are free to live in the expanded dynamic silence of awareness untethered by thinking or emotions.

    • Thanks Maryanna! About brain integration and relational neuroscience/interpersonal neurobiology, this “ever-widening circles of brain integration” mentioned in the post is referring to what Dr. Siegel calls the ninth domain of brain integration–called “Transpirational Integration”–which is what results from practicing all eight domains of integration. Transpirational Integration: “Clinical experience reveals a fascinating finding in which people begin to feel a different sense of connection to both themselves and the world beyond their previously skin-defined sense of self. The term ‘transpiration’ denotes how new states of being seem to emerge as a vital sense of life is breathed across each of the domains of integration. One feeling that many patients have articulated is a sense that they are connected to a larger whole…” from

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