How To Live A Long Healthy Life

How To Live A Long Healthy Life And Prevent Against Diabetes, Cancer And Infectious disease

Joshua Helman, MD | Brian Clement, PhD | Gabriel Cousens, MD | Udo Erasmus | Dr. Nick Delgado PhD

#Diabetes, #Cancer #InfectiousDisease

00:00:00 What Should We Eat In Order To Avoid Diseases?

00:25:26 People Who Are Lacking Essential Fats End Up With Problems

01:05:50 Is The Ideal Diet A Raw Diet?

01:26:01 Is Fruit Healthy For People Dying From A Catastrophic Disease?

01:42:07 Are There Natural Supplements That Improve A Man’s Sex Drive?

02:05:35 Why It’s Healthy To Soak Nuts And Seeds

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