ATMOFIZER Air Purifier

Atmofizer Air Purifier for Viruses & Bacteria | Filterless | UV-C Light Sanitizer

Dr. Josh recommends Atmofizer as an excellent air purifier.  


How it works: A fan at its base takes in the room’s air, the Atmofizer’s patented technology creates opposing sound waves that capture microscopic particles of bacteria and viruses and clumps them together, bunching them up like a snowball.

The pressure and heat cracks their protective shell and neutralizes them using UV-C light. The harmless debris that remains is safely expelled. 

  • No filters. Ever. That means zero filter change costs and no landfill matter. (Other devices often require new filters every 30-90 days.) EPA Est. No. 99812-NLD-1
  • Microscopic ultrasonic sound waves cluster the nano-sized particles together to increase their size and slow them down.
  • Then UV-C light safely neutralizes them.
  • Killing 99.99% of viruses and bacteria.
  • Neutralizes microscopic, dangerous airborne, ultra-fine particles. Ideal air purifier for viruses and bacteria.
  • Atmofizer Purifies up to ~650 square feet of space per hour. Three speed settings, all whisper-quiet.

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