Dr. Josh likes EC3 Mold Solution to clean mold, you can buy

The EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate by clicking here.

The EC3 Mold Solution Spray by clicking here.

Another cleaning product for wiping counters and spraying super concentrated on problematic mold areas is Young Living Thieves cleaner–you buy it as a concentrate then water it down depending on the concentration you need, just like the above EC3 mold concentrate.

Purchase via Young Living mentioning Dr Joshua Helman as your referral source, his member number is 3270956 but just giving the name will work if you call them: 1-800-371-3515

(Calling is a much easier option than trying to navigate online.)

You can become a member and save 24% by buying a basic kit for $45 which includes peppermint and lavendar essential oil plus extras: BASIC KIT

Side comment from Heidi: Other Young Living products that we really like are their Mountain Mint Deodorant (like degree, stays a long time, best natural deodorant we have found,) their Lavender Volume Shampoo and Conditioner, (Lavender helps protect against hair loss and their conditioner is very thickening,) and their Thieves foaming hand soap, (you can get a big refill container of the hand soap for $39). We love wintergreen essential oil, Heidi will put it on her spine on the places where it doesn’t hurt to draw attention there (she has back pain) and we will put peppermint on the chest in the front to help wake up the mind. Eucalyptus radiata 10 drops in a bathtub helps with pain, they have these dissolving baking soda relaxation bath bombs to put in the bathtub that are great gifts to give someone.