What the HEALTH is going on?!?

How to Live a Long Healthy Life

The Fat Trap: Why Is It So Difficult To Lose Weight? The Story Of The Oil Paradox, Obesogens And Toxins

Lime Mango Bean Salad Recipe

Jane Esselstyn’s Lime Mango Bean Salad Recipe. Tell us if you tried it and what you think!

Healthy and Delicious Ginger Chocolate Pudding

GINGER CHOCOLATE PUDDING (Vegan) 4 avocados 1 banana 4 dates 1/2 cup cacao powder 1/2 cup raw carob powder 3 cups homemade almond milk*** (or water would probably work) Peeled ginger piece the size of 1/2 of the… Read More

How Dr. Josh lost 50 pounds

See the above BEFORE and AFTER weight loss pictures of Dr. Josh How did Dr. Josh lose weight? Read these stories* to find out: *stories from above, for more information click here

10 Reasons Why I Went Plant-Based (Vegan)

1. To Avoid Endotoxins in Meat which Cause Inflammation (Endotoxins are toxins from bacterial cell walls; cooking does not eliminate these)* 2. Ethical Concerns: 124,000 land animals die each day in this country for the food industry 3…. Read More