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Most people start at one packet or scoop, then work up to two, twice daily for the regular Cardio Miracle.  (For optimal absorption take 15 minutes before a protein meal or 2 hours after the meal). Dr Josh recommends swishing in the mouth for at least ten seconds before swallowing in order to maximize nitric oxide activation.

Cardio Miracle helps maintain ideal B12, D, and zinc levels. Nitric oxide helps macrophages (which are white blood cells) destroy microbes, which can reduce inflammation. We lose our nitric oxide making power by around 50% by age 40.  In other words, by the age of 40, we make half the nitric oxide than we did when we were 20 years old. Dr Josh saw his VO2 numbers increase, as well as other benefits as described on his video. Some patients take six or eight scoops per day to help them with certain conditions.

Try two scoops and you may feel the difference immediately. Dr Josh wanted to tell anyone interested in trying it that people will occasionally get a niacin flush (where their face and arms get a bit red or splotchy) but it should go away within fifteen minutes with no long-lasting effects, just a bit of temporary redness and heat.



I have seen people start taking Cardio Miracle and their Vitamin D level doubled in three weeks (confirmed by lab testing). This is an incredible supplement to help with cardiac concerns such as high blood pressure or elevated cholesterol, to help with intimacy, (nitric oxide uses the same biochemical pathways as Viagra,) or as an overall daily supplement for B12, Vitamin D, and zinc, (plus all other nutrients in it,) which most Americans are deficient in. –Joshua Helman MD

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DISCLAIMER: This is not intended to be medical advice. Always consult with your physician first.