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Top Ten Reasons Why I Went Plant-Based (Vegan)

1. To Avoid Endotoxins in Meat which Cause Inflammation (Endotoxins are toxins from bacterial cell walls; cooking does not eliminate these)*

2. Ethical Concerns: 124,000 land animals die each day in this country for the food industry

3. To Avoid Antibiotic Resistance: 78% of all antibiotics in this country go to animals (30 million pounds of antibiotics are pumped into animals every year)

4. To Avoid Toxins such as Dioxins, PCBs, and Mercury Found in Fish

5. To Improve Life Expectancy (See Blue Zones, areas of the largest number of centenarians: they eat 90-98% plant-based)

6. To Avoid Cancer: The overall incidence of cancer is significantly lower in vegetarians compared to meat eaters (See Protein-aholic)

7. To Avoid Diabetes: Meat is the biggest risk factor for diabetes

8. To Avoid Heart Disease

9. To Avoid the Hormones and Pus Found in Milk (Yes, milk does have pus no matter what an internet search says)

10. Sustainability

BONUS REASON: To Lose Weight (Eating chicken is the biggest risk factor for gaining weight)

*For more information see

and Becoming Vegan: The Complete Reference to Plant-Based Nutrition (150 pages of references, the book answers every possible question you might have about a plant-based diet)


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Great post, Dr. Helman! Thanks so much for being a strong influence in my decision to become vegan. You have been a walking, talking inspiration to me.

I love your last point about chicken. I truly believe this not-so-lean meat has caused a significant amount of weight gain and weight-related problems throughout the world. I’m still shocked when I see a chicken dish on a “healthy” magazine cover. Argh!

Excellent information, quick and easy list that gets the point across.

Dr Josh

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